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21st September 2003

8:34pm: wow, i haven't updated in a long time. alot has been going on lately. i have recorded the first song of my EP. i finally got a job. i almost got fired from my job a couple days ago. and thats about all.

Current Mood: exhausted

5th September 2003

4:23pm: NORTHSTAR tonight! yay goddammit......yay. i have never seen them before, but i have heard that they are VERY good. GO! its at lowe mill here in huntsville. if you are going north on the p'way, take a left on to governors dr. and then a left on to seminole (first light).
lowe mill is two or three blocks down that road. it is a big factory/crackhouse type place. its hard to miss. go.

Current Mood: good

3rd September 2003

3:50pm: oh goddammit.
Current Mood: goddammit

2nd September 2003

5:03pm: yea i went to the show last night. firewood=no. where's gary=no. drag down first=yes. the snake the cross the crown=FUCKING COCK ASS! yea.

Current Mood: chipper

1st September 2003

2:18pm: yea, i dont know if i want to go to the show or not. i really dont want to be around a bunch of people right now.

Current Mood: blank

29th August 2003

4:23pm: sorry, i've been kinda busy lately. this week was fairly normal. hopefully tonight i will be able to go see my boyeees in drag down first play at the fair, then monday they are playing with THE SNAKE THE CROSS THE CROWN! i cannot wait for that because SCC is SO amazing that i shit myself everytime i see them. yea goddammit......yea.

Current Mood: excited

24th August 2003

12:42pm: well last night was pretty fun. i hung out with a bunch of friends at waffle house and then we all went to christians house. me and albert stayed the night over there. pretty good night.

Current Mood: sleepy

23rd August 2003

7:35pm: well, the haste show was pretty good. alabama jihad was amazing! saw some people i havent seen in a while. good night overall. hopefully someone will call me tonight so i can not be here.

Current Mood: bored

22nd August 2003

im out to the HASTE show! its gonna be orgasmic because ALABAMA JIHAD is playing! oh GAWD!

Current Mood: excited

21st August 2003

7:37pm: i need some friends on here............ :(
6:13pm: well im pretty excited about the HASTE show tomorrow night. hopefully i wont be sick this time. school was good today. tomorrow should be the same. girls touched me today. tomorrow should be the same. well im going now.

Current Mood: good

20th August 2003

5:31pm: Ah yes, my new journal. HASTE this Friday at Lowe Mill..........OH MY GAWD! Yep.

Current Mood: okay
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